Happy birthday Ashtanga Cascais

May is the month that marks the anniversary of this house.

Today I look back in time, and I feel a mixture of pride, and tiredness. I dedicated more than a decade to the realization of a dream, which required so much sacrifice, work and dedication. That this pandemic that we are now living, brings me the realistic notion that the path continues to need exactly the same!

I sigh deeply, for recognizing so well that it will not be easy or simple. This adaptation, and this restart in times of pandemic, this phase that no one knows how long it will last, and if we can ever have a room with people close by, adjust without fear, teach in a low voice close to the student, among many others examples that are not allowed today. But above all, it’s still not easy, and after 13 years, inspiring others to find and maintain discipline and love.

This transformative practice is lonely, despite all the other people who are beside us in class, it needs us to be present and attentive, it requires discipline, regularity and consistency, and yet, from time to time it takes us to (internal) places that have nothing light and cute.

And these are the main reasons why many choose to stop practicing Ashtanga Yoga, but it is still worth it, because almost everyone who passed through this house, had moments of inspiration, light and courage that serve as internal strength in their hearts and memories. for their whole life.

Congratulations my dear beloved Ashtanga Cascais.

May you continue to be a humble house, made of honest practices!


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