It is common to walk in our life, and we take some shakes that help to open our eyes, the so-called OPEN EYES, which immediately arouse our attention and humility. In Yoga, in particular in Ashtanga Yoga, we receive an “Open Eyes” daily, not in the form of a shake, but because we learn to focus our attention, to develop presence and awareness.

Focus your eyes, and focus your mind on your deepest intentions, the ones that come from your heart, with a loving, generous, honest and friendly voice.

Focus your eyes, but don’t do it by using force, obligation or excessive effort, but on the contrary, use your most sincere capacity for acceptance, and humility about who you are, where you are and where you want to go.

Focus your eyes with faith and confidence.

Focus your eyes and overcome your difficulties, challenges and obstacles.

So focus your eyes and believe that you are enough and that you are capable.


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