Get inspired.

One morning retreat.

May 30, Saturday, 9.30 am,

in Zoom.



Our first online retreat.

A morning dedicated to yourself, to celebrate your body, relax your mind and nourish your wonderful heart.

What do you think of reserving a whole morning for you, where you will learn a dynamic, intense and special practice, that promotes the connection with your body, and teaches you to focus and calm the mind, while opening the doors of your heart to learn to stop, feel, breathe, and live moments of peace, harmony and well-being?


9.30 am – Introduction to INSPIRA-TE.

10 am – Ashtanga Yoga Class + Guided Relaxation.

I will teach you the practice of my heart, my daily ritual, my greatest source of inspiration. Ashtanga Yoga is an internal process of self-discovery and personal development, which combines conscious breathing and a set of movements and postures, which work, align and detoxify the body, concentrate the mind and balance emotions.

11.30 am – Moment of meditation. The practice of Ashtanga Yoga will prepare you to be able to create your internal structure to embrace you with total gratitude, respect and joy. In a moment of mindfulness in the present, observing your own greatness.

12 pm – Get inspired to take care of yourself. But and where to start? And then, how to continue? I will tell you some practical information that I have collected over all these years as a Yoga teacher and practitioner. Relevant points about starts and restarts in self-care, discipline and love.

All people are welcome to participate in this morning retreat, including those who have never practiced Yoga.



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