Find the bridge between what you enthusiastically say is what you want for yourself, and what you choose daily.


Executing a demanding internal bridge between what the heart inside recognizes that is right, that is where we are balanced and happy, and what we really do, is a fundamental exercise of reflection.

Sit in a place where you can be in silence for a few moments, and remember what you usually enumerate as what fills your life with inspiration, breath, brightness and enthusiasm. And then remember your last days, or weeks, even months. And maybe, your last years.

The intention of this reflection is not to judge yourself, and it is also worthless to be attached to the feelings of disappointment, defeat or fraud. The intention of the exercise is to bring awareness to what you say that fills you with enthusiasm, and what you have really done. Because most people find a big gap between these two points, and they are supposed to be aligned and balanced to create a fluid bridge of energy and life. But it is so much easier to talk, than to actually do it, isn’t it?

Making these little stops for reflection activates our attention, and makes us recognize our blocks, difficulties, resistances, fears and insecurities. And it also renews our presence and focus, to naturally redouble our internal strength, to continue creating a bridge with solid bases, one that is synonymous with the union between these three strands of yourself, your body, your mind and yours. heart.

Yoga practice and meditation can be excellent aids to maintain these reflections of consciousness, and full of neutrality. Both are parts of it, which is Yoga, and work with presence, attention, awareness, overcoming and freedom.

And remember that during this reflection it is important to use simple, honest and clear language. Without running away, excusing, ignoring, or hiding, use memory in your favor, to remember your last days, and whether or not you were within what is your purpose. And whether you are aligned or completely lost, offer yourself an internal hug. And notice that you are not at war with yourself, but in peace, because you have tried your best to live that beautiful bridge of connection, determination and satisfaction.


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