Sometimes I carry what is hers. At other times, we exchange and share. But every day, we share.

I think that since Concha was born, I started to give even more value to my light people, with whom I share my life.

To understand who these people are, it is important to work daily on self-reflection, intuition and responsibility for the choices we make.

Create daily routines that allow us to reflect in conscience, analyze without judgment or criticism, but make use of neutrality, detachment, and think in presence about where we are, where we came from, what we have done, and what we want. It is not an analysis projected for a distant future, but an honest, sincere and humble reflection of what we intend to be our present, today.

One of my best ways to sustain and feed my intuition is to dedicate myself to my heart practice – Ashtanga Yoga. Through this regular Yoga practice, which unites the potential of my body, mind and heart, and that naturally connects me to my intuition.

And when we connect to the present, through attention and awareness, we are equally inspired to take greater responsibility for our choices, which expand on our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Being able to take charge of the responsibility of our life, creates internal power and strength. We realize that without a doubt, there are countless aspects that we have no control, choice, or decision, but understand that yes, there are many other variants of our daily lives that are directly linked to the options we make. And it is up to each of us to take responsibility for how we are conducting our lives.

Find yours. Find your people of light.

Feed these relationships by offering more support, presence, time and attention.

And above all, offer your best version, because you will discover that life is so much happier!


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