Open wound that is so often hidden by clothing, strategies and masks not to show what we define internally as our deepest weaknesses!

And that for some reason (s) we have learned with shame to hide from others, and often from ourselves! These are the ones we claim inside that may have come with us into the world, or the others we have realized over time, that we have allowed them to gain space in our body, mind and heart!

These are open wounds that we know are inside. And sooner or later, with a couple of months, years or decades, the people closest to us can easily understand their exact location. The wicked can use this truth and attack nearby, feeding on the pain and sadness they cause. But those who love us help us to continue to open, and fearlessly get rid of the shame, the “ifs” and “buts”, touch the wounds to finally clean them, so that they can finally heal.

It is up to each of us to realize who is by our side! Those who come into our lives to hurt and offend, and those who truly love. And understand that while there are so many people who love us, and there are, they are not responsible for doing our internal work, that is our own responsibility! But will be here to hug, whisper softly a “you can”, or even shout a “wake up and go ahead”, to shake our goofy laziness , or attachment!




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