I remember being a little over 7 years old, and already having a list of dreams to make it come true.

My eyes shone with the inner will to create a life that was inspired, I don’t know where!

And now more than 30 years have passed, I still don’t quite know where these inspirations come from, but since then I have been making my dreams come true.

And however, some days I am tired, I lose focus and I get confused. And I wonder what I am really doing, if I still have that internal strength that guides and protects me, and helps me make the right decisions. Some days I  heard these quick thoughts, which make me waver inside, and i stay here quietly listening, until that girl appears again, with a strength that I don’t know where it comes from, but that makes everything happen!

It is part of life, feeling tired, losing the north and the south, getting confused, get wrong in the direction, and feeling like stopping,  to regain strength, certainty and faith. To breathe, and renew yourself, to fill yourself with courage to resume the wonderful path of life, despite the falls, the exchange of streets, and reaching dead ends. So start where you left off, remember where you want to go, raise your head, give your hand to that girl, that have so many dreams, because  she will shows you the way.

And laugh with her, make your dreams come true, enjoy the company, and the trip.


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