Start here, or there, do not wait for the perfect height, or for the one you defined as the idyllic moment! Especially do not wait for the others, nor do you put dates for tomorrow, in one or more months. And do not tell yourself that it will only be  possible a few years from now.


You know that endless list of excuses, “When Afonso grows!”, “When I win the Euromillions!”, “When I’m rich!”, “When I have more time!”, “When I’m at the new job!”, “When my husband / wife help me! “,” When i lose weight! “. And all the other “When(s)” that you easily arrange to reinforce that now is not the right time because you’re missing something!

And you know what? You do not lack for anything, and you do not even need anything, so start today! With small steps or as giant as the size of your soul, faster or slower, do as you want, it is you that will set your pace. And if this Thursday does not seem to be the right one, because maybe Monday will be more appealing, that  idea of beginning of the week, but that’s a few days from now, so just start today. Do not wait another minute to take care of yourself.


Promote your moments of pause, connection and silence. Turn off the phone, organize things at home, and take a few moments just for you! You do not have to come to our practice home, it does not even have to be with a Yoga class. You can choose to go to one of your favorite places, yes, I already know that you have to deal with your obligations to your family, work, and that at this moment your life does not allow you to go on vacation just because you feel like it, but you can sit or lie down, and close your eyes, breathe, and allow yourself to go to the place where your soul is always happy. Believe is possible. Just breathe, forget what you have done up to that moment, and  forget for a few moments what you will have to do next, and be only with your breath. Let yourself stay there for a few moments, and when you open your eyes again, bring with you everything that is good from that happy place!

Start here, there, just start today.


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