I love listening to my father talk about his life, the village where he was born, his jobs when he was a child, the hunger there was at that time, my grandmother alone raising three children, the love he had for my grandmother, the comparisons he made with seeing himself barefoot while others had shoes, with the desire to have girlfriends, and therefore having moved to Lisbon, the rascal! He was the biggest flirt until he met my mom! Hearing his stories of a Lisbon of other times, of his savings, work, dedication, and that faith that he still has today, and that no one and no difficulty, were able to move him from what he felt was right.

I love hearing my parents tell what they lived through, it immediately inspires me to value them even more, but also to thank them for their heritage of values, lessons and this determination of mine that is capable of moving mountains, and know one thing?

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