The day our doctor confirmed that I was expecting a girl, I ended up in Jo’s arms, in the middle of the hospital, crying!

I was convinced that I would be the mother of a boy, and in the first weeks Jo and I talked about boy names, because in reality I thought that if it were a boy, that he would like me a lot. And if she were a girl, she would have a greater connection with her father.

Hormones, fears and insecurities aside, it was with fat tears running down my face, and sobbing, that I verbalized the thoughts and beliefs that were going through my head, and there I managed to say something like, “if she is a girl she will like you more!!!”. And Jo, with Jo’s patience, hugged me and laughed. And my mother who was next to us, shrugged, and shook her head.

Anyway, after almost 4 years, there is no doubt that she loves him, but we are super companions! And whether it is a boy or a girl, the important thing is to create a connection with our children, respect them as they are, teach them to nurture their talents and to overcome what they need. And they have a huge gift, of teaching how to nurture our abilities, and to overcome what we need!


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