If there is something that Yoga teaches, it is practicing detachment, be it through feelings, moments and things, for not walk in and out of constantly traveling to the past, or to leave the now and go out there to dream of the future.

But there are days worth breaking with rule, winking and smiling at the masters, teachers and tradition of this millennial art, and look back there to remember a day that passed fast, between nerves to the blush of the skin, a tear here and there, smiles and hugs, complicit looks of immense joy, in a party of emotions that are so far away from what we do on the Yoga mat!

Looking back is easier than trying to guess the future, because they say that the future  belongs to God. And if until now we have a life built of sharing, learning, love and friendship, forward as we do not guess, we can only celebrate the present and walk on this path that is the marriage, a relationship and a family.

And since there are no perfect relationships, no ideal lives or absolute certainties, we must continue to take the lessons from this learning which is to be family with someone, and to maintain the necessary ability to be honest, to humbly give up what we often considered as the right way to learn other ways that are equally right, to embrace and welcome, and at the same time to give strength so that the other can continue to follow their own dreams.

And there will always be more demanding and complicated times, which require reflection, and that open conversations, which often demand more neutrality, focus, and dedication, but there are no single recipes for the well-being and growth of a family, because what works for some people is ineffective for others, we  can only keep trying our best, smile at the memories, celebrate the present, and leave the future with God!


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