Since I remember practicing, I hear about this word. And whenever I hear its description, I have the feeling that it is a secret force, a kind of super power that gives a real boost to the practice of Yoga.

Bhavana is a Sanskrit word, which means to cultivate, or to develop. And within the context of Yoga, it emerges as the cultivation of a “mindset” that feeds our focus and determination to maintain consistency and perseverance in practice.

It is easy to want to start practicing Yoga, and it usually appears naturally in the “Wish list” of self-care, even more so at this stage, at the beginning of a new year. But being able to maintain a Yoga practice for a long period of time, and without interruptions, is undoubtedly demanding.

And Bhavana appears as a powerful aid to our discipline, commitment and dedication, and as a means of overcoming moments of disenchantment, demotivation, or difficulty.

Bhavana goes hand in hand with our Sadhana (practice), because it is the magical conscious reinforcement of our inspiration, enthusiasm, energy and disposition, when we feel that we are losing focus, consistency and initiative.

So whenever you go up to your mat, bring Bhavana in your heart, and reinforce it consciously. And as you learn to use this force of consciousness, you will recognize that you can enjoy it in the most varied areas of your life.


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