Ashtanga Cascais – the movie

I knew the founding brothers of Bro Cinema many years ago when we were all still studying to follow the dream of working with what we believed was our way. I decided that I would be a teacher and that I would have a Yoga school, and they dedicated to collecting the maximum studies and experience in this art of producing and showing stories, in video and image.

For a long time that i wanted to make a movie that showed what Ashtanga Cascais is, this house that was born in my heart and mind, when I and the Patrocínio brothers could still spend all summer months at the beach! The dream of a girl who has become a reality, fed with much dedication, effort and sacrifice, above all, much love for the wonderful opportunity to share this practice that I so much believe!

When I spoke with Pedro Patrocínio about the project, it was easy to feel that he was no longer the kid, but a man with a lot of experience and content in his professional field. And he quickly drew the beginning, middle, and end of the film, chose where to shoot, and made me feel comfortable to be in front of the camera. I must confess that I was a bit insecure, just like when I decided to write the Stop. Feel. Breathe. , and I had to photograph in the beginning of postpartum, once again I put myself in a not comfortable place, to face a filming camera, after less than a year of being mother of Concha, still recovering  my practice, to find once again strength and flexibility, in a demanding process, of first-time mother, with many sleepless nights!

The recordings were only a few days with a special team, who knows very well what it does. And not only did I have the privilege of working with a professional I admire so much, Pedro Patrocínio, but I was also led by his talented little sister, Leonor Patrocínio, who very much helped to understand that what they were producing would be something that would overpass the image of my dark circles, tiredness, or my lack of strength or flexibility, but rather portray what I most believe, that we all come into the world from love, and then, well then, it seems we have forgotten, and that we need to remember!

Thank you Bro Cinema!

Thank you Pedro Patrocínio, Leonor Patrocínio, Henrique Monteiro and Inês Gomes.


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