Another perfect combination – Stockholm, Peter Sanson and two of my best friends

A few months ago I was on the phone, telling one of my great friends, who is also practicing Ashtanga Yoga, that I had decided to enroll in the Intensive Workshop in Stockholm with Peter Sanson. When I finished talking about my plans, she was already saying that she was coming, and that she would invite another of our great friends. And suddenly I had, once again, a perfect combination, which included four days in Stockholm with two of my best friends, to study with one of our favorite teachers and visit this city that offers the experience of living in full the “Lagom” lifestyle.

It was an incredible 4 days of many laughs, giggles and conversations of people who are very close, women who know each other well, and with whom it is very good and easy, to share house, meals, stops in parks and gardens of the city to stretch the legs , and join the Swedes that looked so happy when they were enjoying the sun touching their skin, walking, in easy mode, in the streets of Sodermalm, Norrmalm, Gamla Stan, Ostermalm, “fikas” to drink a coffee and eat the famous cinnamon or cardamom cakes, and much more that this city has to offer, which invites us to live calmly, joyfully and in a balanced way, a true “lagom”.



But what most marked the trip, in addition to this special atmosphere of conviviality between three great friends that visited this city, were the classes at YogaShala Stockholm with Peter Sanson. A year ago that we were waiting for the opportunity to practice again under his supervision, and this workshop served to reminisce the power of breathing, and to perform the postures with calm, patience, focus and concentration. To remember that it is not worth getting away from postures we do not like, or those that seem to be more demanding. We have to do each one of them, breathe and wait with conscience and intelligence for the body to yield and the mind to calm down. That everything is possible, as Peter says, “YES IS POSSIBLE! VERY POSSIBLE!”, You just have to practice consistently and without interruption! It was 4 days of pure immersion in a practice that is already part of our routines, that internally shakes the body to nourish it will oxygen and energy, silences the mind and balances the emotions, bringing to the fore strength, courage and strength to give our best on the Yoga mat and in our life!


Practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Yogashala Stockholm, with the teacher Lisa Lalér,

If you travel with more friends, it is cheaper to use the uber or taxi from the airport to go to the city, and is the same on the way back. If you are alone, the cheapest option is the train.

To get around the city, just buy a ticket that works for both buses and the subway.

It is not worth taking money at the ATM or bring euros to exchange, because there is a great probability, when you will be paying the bills in the supermarket, restaurant and shops, that they only accept payment by card!

Drinking tap water is the norm in Sweden because the water is clean, you can save money and you do not consume plastic!

There are many restaurants options and cafes throughout the city, our favorites in the area of ​​Sodermalm are, Omayma, Kalf and Hansen and the Organico. To make a good “fika” count with  the good coffee and terrace in Kaffebar, the best cardamom cakes in Petrus, and a friendly team at Caffehouse.


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