That life changes a lot after we are mothers, and there is less time to do those things that we once did in a more available agenda, we have all heard it. That a baby or a grown child forever changes our priorities, and that what we had as the most important thing, totally ceases to be, for the well-being and happiness of our children, is also very common.

It is not always easy to coordinate the obligations of our jobs, and to be mothers and fathers! And if on the one hand we have to work, and dedicate ourselves to the various variants of our jobs, on the other hand we must nurture the privilege of being parents, and giving our children time. This necessarily implies a balance that is often complicated to manage.

My baby is in a funny phase! So when we say no, she refrains with a super dramatic air as she stamps her feet or lies on the floor and kicks the world out of unfairness, or if she has something in her hand, she sends it through the air immediately! It just makes you want to laugh, but we make the effort not to do it, and after the moment, we explain her what happened and we offer a hug and a kind word, it usually works, and on other days, especially when she is more tired , she will not come to us, and she will pout in some part of the house, and only after a few moments will she return, still with an air of hurt! My husband says that as she is female then must be supposed to have these dramatic moments! Poor thing, he’s in the middle of three women and a lady dog, so imagine how many times he watches these moments!

After an intense week of classes, and teaching at the weekend, I looked at my poor hands and decided to make an appointment in my usual place, and enjoy cutting my hair with my dear Max. That hour is so blessed because someone is taking care of me, and I decided to take my baby, the kind of late Saturday afternoon program  between mother and daughter. We came to play with each other the whole way, but we barely entered the Toda Linda Cascais, and I realized at once, with babies it’s not worth making big plans, because everything can change in an instant! She did not find it amusing to have anyone touching the hair and hands of her mother, and with the sympathy and patience of the staff, and with all my flexibility in the body and attempts to manage my baby’s emotions, they really  cut my hair and get my fingernails done. When I was waiting for the nail polish to dry and almost, almost leaving, I saw my baby making an expression that I know, and a little crying, that is, it was necessary to change the diaper! I still considered changing it at home, but from there to our home, it would still take some time, and she seemed to be uncomfortable.

I was about to start another part of the comic episode of “Baby and Mom in the Beauty Salon”!

When I entered the bathroom, still with my fingers stretched out in the hope that the nail polish was already dry on my nails, I noticed that there were no diaper change. Without wasting a lot of time, I became a real MacGyver – with super engineering talents and problem solving skills, I put the baby’s backpack in the washbasin to create a flatter and more stable base, I laid my baby calmly on the backpack, which for this  time, she was not at all quiet, on the contrary! And I started what seemed like a real impossible mission, because her irritation was very right, we had to change the diaper but also all the clothes! Yes, who does not have children, let it be known that from time to time catastrophes happen, and we have an uncontrolled situation, where we have to clean everything and change everything! And between all those steps, and making sure my baby was fine, I’d already forgotten my nails and the nail polish!


Baby happy and calm, and I take what’s left of the nail polish with acetone! It’s not worth it to make plans, you really have to be flexible, laugh at situations often, make the most of every moment with our children, even when they’re in a state of tantrums! Above all try our best!


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