About Aline Fernandes Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Workshop

Did you know that Aline Fernandes was an inspiration to my practice more than 10 years ago? And that now, it continues to be!

Shortly after we met in Lisbon, we practiced alone side by side, at that time she had already gone to Mysore a couple of times, studying with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois, while I waited for that end of the year to make my first trip to that same land in South India! The years passed and we were always in contact, and last summer she visited me, after a few weeks of Concha being born, and that’s when we decided that  it would not finish 2018 without her coming to teach an Intensive Workshop at Ashtanga Cascais.

It was with great joy that I was able to meet another facet of Aline, whom I had not known until now, as a teacher. And during the 5 days of Intensive, it was very special to see her take all the people, beginners to Yoga and more experienced practitioners, to a state of communion with the breath. Because one of the highlights of this workshop was to be reminded of the incredible potential of our breathing, to breathe in – we bring into ourselves, energy and vitality, and on expiration – Aline asked us to put intention in relaxing and unblocking any area of tension. With a strong touch on the adjustments, an assertive but always sweet voice, she led each of the participants into a state of connection with a real Yoga practice – that which is a process of love and healing.

She reminded us of cultivating silence, focus, introspection, calm, connection to breathing, vitality, energy, health and compassion. And she made it better to understand that this instrument for life, exceeds the limits of postures and our body, because it comes into direct contact with something greater, which is called love.

It was 5 days of practice and study with a teacher who is a beautiful woman on the outside, and inside! Thank you Aline and thank you to all who came to participate!


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