A paradise… and so close.

Imagine a paradise … and on top of it, so close …
An island full of green, trees, plants, beaches, special nooks and places that invite introspection, good people, those with a heart in the right place, and so much private moments to glimpse one of the many lagoons, or lose ourselves in the immense views that fill the soul with peace and surrender. All the walks barefoot on the dark sand, alone, or with Concha smiling, while the ocean gently touched our feet, at such a mild temperature that it amplified the sensation of being in paradise.

And then, well then, I had the privilege of teaching a group of dedicated people, from beginners to Yoga and Ashtanga, to more experienced practitioners, who did not miss any of the scheduled classes, and who tried to experience everything that I humbly shared. And I had the joy of receiving, at the end of class, a smile and a direct glance from each of these people. It was with gratitude that I spent those 5 days at Padma Yoga Shala teaching an Ashtanga Yoga Workshop, my first on the island of S.Miguel, where I was able to each new morning to check how much they paid attention to breathing, and explored the promotion of the natural movement of the diaphragm, and found through inspiration and exhalation a new connection with their bodies and with their minds.

It was  five incredible days, and I miss the island, this Shala led by the teacher Rita Trindade, and all those people who came to know me, and who allowed me to teach something that I believe and love, Ashtanga Yoga.

Thank you S. Miguel, Padma Yoga Shala and all those who came to participate.


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