2020 Online Classes

The schedules of our classes Online classes



Monday & Wednesday, Mysore Style, at 7.30 am and 9 am, at Zoom.


Tuesday & Thursday, Mysore Style, at 6 pm, on Zoom.

These classes are open to Yoga beginners, as well as more experienced practitioners. All those who are beginners to Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga are guided by the teacher, in order to build a safe and progressive practice for life. Count on a dynamic class, with progressive teaching and respecting the abilities and needs of each student.



Monday & Wednesday, Mysore Style, students enter between 7am and 7.30am. And at 9am.

You can participate in both classes, choose the one that best supports your daily life. Those who have very long practices can start practicing before the stipulated start of the class, and then enter Zoom at the agreed time, so that I can accompany and adjust you. People who are already experienced practitioners still benefit from these classes, because the teacher corrects, adjusts verbally, transmits accurate information for the performance of movements and postures, and also motivates and inspires your practices.

Friday, First Series Guided Class, at 7am, at Zoom.

This is the only class in our schedule that is not recommended for students beginning Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. All experienced students must participate in this class.


Tuesday and Thursday, Mysore Style, at 6 pm.

Come and practice, keep your connection with the teacher, with our practice house, group energy and consistency in your practice.



Zoom classes require registration, to do so send an email to info@ashtangacascais.com

You must register at least one day before class.

You can register by class, or monthly fee.

After registration they receive an email with the link to the class on Zoom. Access to the class is very simple and easy.

Everyone who can´t  be present during class time receives a recording of the lesson, so you can practice at another time of the day.


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