2019 Peter Sanson

When I finish attending one more Intensive Workshops with one of my heart teachers, Peter Sanson, who teaches me so much about Yoga and life, I always feel i am in a very special place that can be described by one of my favorite words, INSPIRATION ♥ ︎!

Without a doubt, we had 5 intense days! Full of learning and total gratitude, of being simply in the wonderful role as student, where I could practice, and humbly observe a teacher with decades of experience teaching a heterogeneous group of people.


And we were different people, with such a beautiful mix of nationalities, ages, and practical experience, we were all in that room with an honesty that should always be our greatest ally in this incredible Yoga practice!

Because if there is an aspect that Peter brings to the practice room, it is this component of honesty, and on the mat there is no more room for masks, we present with complete truthfulness to the teacher, and to ourselves! And happens something common to all of us who have been in that room, day after day, within our own personal process of discovering the connection to body and mind, we easily understand, what Peter constantly asks, which is not more than focusing our attention on feeling the air coming in and out through the nose!

Raise our state of concentration to enjoy a deep and vigorous breathing, because in this way we increase the possibility of finding inner silence and presence in the moment. To naturally get in touch with the energetic side of Ashtanga Yoga, a way of unlocking our physical, mental and emotional body, free ourselves from pain, discomfort, tension, sadness, hurt, anger, etc., and enter in  a real process of peace, harmony and calm.

So many times Peter asks us to stop fighting, to take away the physical effort, the muscle tension, and give ourselves a greater focus on breathing, feeling the amount of air that comes in and out through our nose, and the important indication of the existence of sound, which will help create internal heat, so that later we can release tensions, rigidity, blocked areas, but also clear the mind and emotions, and create the conditions for a renewal, transformation and change.

It was 5 very special days, thank you Peter, and everyone who came to participate!


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