11 years to celebrate the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga

May is always a special month here at home because we are celebrating another anniversary of our Shala, this time it’s 11 years of life! More than a decade of classes, workshops, retreats and events that present Ashtanga Yoga as a practice for life.

I have had the great privilege of meeting so many people who have fallen in love with the practice and keep it to this day, others are here living a sort of unresolved love relationship,  they appear with the redoubled motivation and practice a season ( (s), and then get bored and put the mat in any corner and entertain their will with other activities, until they return to class with full gas. The seed of practice is in them, but for some reason they have not yet made the commitment to maintain it despite the change from cold to heat, or from a mild season to the next. There are also those who practiced for an extended period but at a certain point simply stopped, remember the times of Ashtanga Yoga classes with a smile, as a distant memory where they were happy, but choose not to return to this routine that bring their feet and the rest of the body on a Yoga mat.

Motivating and inspiring people to maintain discipline, focus and determination is not an easy task at all. Show that Ashtanga Yoga is a practice for life and that it has the incredible potential of connecting with ourselves, but that inevitably implies being constant, persevering and persistent! It is an incredible process of transformation, where we modify the body and extend what we characterized as limitations or physical, mental and emotional blockages. We do not get richer but without a doubt we feel that  a great luck comes to us when, in full gratitude, we complete another practice! We either  do not  earn an unlimited ticket for assured full health, but we easily notice that many of the “infirmities” of other times tend to disappear. We move the body daily, we fill it with oxygen, blood and energy circulation, we cleanse every part of ourselves and at the same time we calm the mind by the use of focus and concentration. 11 years to teach what I feel is an instrument for life, let it come more 11, 20, 40 … and that I can continue here, to help you in your practices and to keep mine!


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